White Super Shiny Glaze


Yield: 1,500gm

  • 300gr Caster Sugar
  • 260gr Water
  • 175gr Dextrose Powder
  • 220gr Condensed Milk 
  • 16gr Powdered Gelatin (200 bloom)
  • 90gr Water (For Gelatin)
  • 130gr Cocoa Butter
  • 300gr Absolu Cristal (Clear Glaze)
  • 50gr Oplays 33% Valrhona White Chocolate
  • 10g White Cocoa Butter Colorant 
  • Weigh all ingredients separately, rehydrate gelatin

  • Bring Sugar, dextrose and water to 102c 

  • Heat the neutral glaze to 45C add the water and dextrose mixture

  • Pour over white chocolate and hand blended in sweetened condensed milk and warmed gelatin, ensuring not to incorporate bubbles.

  • Slowly add melted cocoa butter and colorant while hand blending. 
  • Cover top of glaze with plastic wrap, rest @4c overnight 

  • Warm glaze to 30-32C, avoid stiring in bubbles. 

  • Note: any color combination can be used after some experimentation, but sure to only use cocoa butter based colors. The picture shows vanilla powder has been added, but can be omitted.